Webinar: Schematherapie bei Paaren / Schema therapy for couples

9. September 2020
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Wendy Behary

Schema theory proposes that unresolved core unmet needs can lead to maladaptive schemas and coping behaviors. „Schema chemistry“ plays an important role in partner selection, for example, choosing someone who may replicate a familiar experience with a parent or caregiver.  Longings and needs are kept alive in the context of the familiar, along with opportunities for schema triggering and mode clashing in the escalation of conflict.

Unlike most other approaches to couple’s treatment… schema therapy offers a protocol that does not insist on exclusive conjoint work. The ST model appreciates the value of flexibility where individual treatment and conjoint treatment are part of an integrated plan when necessary.

The webinar will address (1) treatment with one partner and subsequent inclusion of the other, as well as (2) initiating treatment with the couple conjointly, from the start.

The webinar will also focus how mode cycles work and how they can be adapted by realizing and healing the frustrated core needs. We will also learn strategies for facilitating emotional reconnection through imagery and dialogues, bypassing self-defeating patterns, and creating healthy and emotion-focused connection.


Details zum Workshop

Sprache: Das Webinar wird in englischer Sprache gehalten
Course language: English

Datum: Mittwoch, 09. September 2020
Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Uhrzeit: 18.00 Uhr – 20.00 Uhr (Zeitstunden)
Time: 6 pm – 8 pm

Preis: 60€
Fee: 60€

Ort: Bei diesem Workshop handelt es sich um ein Webinar (Online Meeting)
Location: This workshop is a Webinar (Online Meeting)

Technische Voraussetzungen: Computer mit Internetzugang und Headset
Technical requirements: Computer with Internet access and headset